Sea of Shoes Jane Gets Her Knickers in a Twist Today

Apparently she’s upset that she was portrayed less than charitably in an article in some Texan publication no one’s ever heard of (and then again via NYMag’s coverage of said article).

Here’s the thing, dear. If you are going to construct your site/business/identity entirely around expensive shoes that you can both afford to purchase, and have gifted to you, then it seems childish and unreasonable to expect anyone to take this vanity project seriously. If you spend all day taking photos of yourself and your shoes, why on earth would anyone find you deeply interesting, educated, compassionate, hard-working etc etc. You set yourself up to be seen as vapid, spoiled and snotty. So stop complaining about it unless you’re going to change the content you post and the strategy of your “business”.

That said, hey I’ll post the shit out of some good shoe photos… but that’s all I’m expecting and that’s all I’m taking it for.