"Sweetness and light, the two noblest of things."


Miss Upton in Vogue Italia showing off a lovely pair of those Dolce & Gabbana sunnies.

They’re really going for this train thing I guess.

Mackenzie Drazan, Marie Piovesan, Franzsika Müller, Julia Nobis, Ros Georgiou, Marina Heiden and Elena Bartels shot by Steven Meisel for Louis Vuitton Fall 2012.

Prada, Spring 2012 Campaign.

I mean… let’s be honest. It looks like Miuccia blew her load on le Prada and when she got around to Miu Miu it was treated like the step-child or poor, sad relation (no offense to any step-children out there of course).

In happier news- Elise Crombez is back! Where has she been all my life?

Naomi Campbell, Karen Elson, Kristen McMenamy and Daphne Groeneveld for Roberto Cavalli Spring 2012, by Steven Meisel.

Ohmygodlordy sexy, sparkly, slithery, workin’ it!

When I initially reviewed this show I had mixed feelings. But throw a couple supermodels in there, some makeup by Pat McGrath, and Mr. Meisel and well…. it’s rather appealing.

Karlie Kloss by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia December 2011.

Here’s some more of this! Kloss is flawless. Look at those abdominals!

In case you prefer Karlie in Valentino for your sexy dress with a cut-out on a cover.. here she is for Vogue Italia December 2011 shot by Steven Meisel of course.

Since November is almost finished I figured I’d better sit down and get my magazine reading accomplished. The fake ads by Steven Meisel in W are hilarious.

Look how rosy their butt-cheeks are!

Can you imagine the hilarity on set? Oh good morning yes how are you oh I’m fine, how was your weekend can you just turn slightly so I can rouge your other cheek? Thanks yes that’s much better.

 Above: Stella Tennant for Vogue Italia September 2011 shot by Steven Meisel, inspired by the story and aesthetic of Ethel Granger (center).

 Below: Beauty and styling details at Jean Paul Gaultier, Spring 2012. (Images via Vogue.com)

Hmm. Interesting. I’m sure these were completely coincidental and independently inspired concepts.


Isabella Rossellini por Steven Meisel.

Asie killed it today with teal eyebrows, blackviolet lips and gold glitter dust on Nicole.

(via asiemakeup)

Furry Fall Fashion in Double Take shot by Steven Meisel for Vogue US August 2011

I have to say I basically hate every single look in this story, but I’m super happy to see three of my favorite models from the late 90’s featured in it! Audrey Marnay, Guinevere Van Seenus, and the inimitable Kristen McMenamy. Now if they can just get Kirsty Hume back in the game….

Kristen McMenamy by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia May 2011

A few more from this story.. gosh I cannot wait to buy this issue!

Kristen McMenamy by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia May 2011

Yeah. I didnt want to get up this morning either.

Alexander the Great by Steven Meisel for Vogue US May 2011

I think it’s safe to say everyone I know is already planning “dr’s appointments” and “meetings” so we can sneak out during less busy museum hours for the McQueen retrospective.

"Personal Best" by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia April 2011

The Wixson!