"Sweetness and light, the two noblest of things."


Steven Stone caught one of Jeremy Scott’s freckle-faced models a little off guard during Made fashion week.


Final Walkthrough at Jeremy Scott

Photo by: Steven Stone

After checking out the show photos, I’m so glad I made the decision to not leave work to see it irl.

Jeremy Scott, Spring 2012 backstage (via showstudio)

Another show where the hair and sunnies were the best part.

Jeremy Scott, Spring 2012 @ MILK

So, um… this show. Right. Well the hair was fun! And I loved the pink hair of course.

And, that’s really about it. The whole white trash costumes as clothing idea basically lacked everything for me. The concept is thin, the execution mediocre and the styling disastrous. I know Jeremy Scott’s not for everyone, but this makes one thing… is he for anyone?

(via milkstudios)


Jeremy Scott In Action 

Photo by: Steven Stone



What’s on your plate?

By: Pardis Saberi

Yo Pardis is super lovely! Met her last night chillin on Ave B with the MILKs.


Pink Hair Prep at Jeremy Scott

Photo by: Jessie Adler

So okay, I think the over-arching theme of Spring 2012 is pink hair. That’s really all I’m getting.