"Sweetness and light, the two noblest of things."


Neo 60’s
magazine: Criativa, September 2011
model: Renata Sozzi
photographer: Bob Wolfenson
styling: Leticia Toniazzo

Yo that sweater is the jam!

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Gisele for Numero Tokyo May 2011 by Nino Munoz

These Prada stripes have got to be hands down one of the most photographed/published/flaunted/styled/editorialized situations in recent memory. Still lookin’ good here.

Junya Watanabe Spring 2011

Here you can see- the blackhole/abyss of stripes on the interior of the dress. That’s all sort of hidden when you stand still and straight-on, but man, what superb patternmaking skills there are in all these layers. At left you can see me trying to sort of splay open the dress a bit to reveal what is going on in there! Also, I’m gonna come clean and say I did retouch some of my freckles out. Note to self: higher SPF this summer!

Junya Watanabe Spring 2011

Here I am collaged- front, side and back views in the dress. While this wasnt as difficult to put on as the other Watanabe, it presented quite a challenge due to those leg holes and then how do you get into those but also put it over your head and I mean… But once it was on, totally worth it. The fit was great, the draping is obviously perfect, and It’s so easy to wear. Infinite options for shoes and accessories here though I would probably keep it pretty minimal not to distract from the shape of the garment. It felt great on the body too and was the perfect level of opacity on the knit (not too sheer and revealing, but not too heavy).


Junya Watanabe Spring 2011

Today we explore the STRIPED trend for Spring with this cream and black knit “dress” from Watanabe. I say “dress” because it actually has 2 holes to put ones legs through and swish around in. One of the many things I discovered during my fashion expedition. Remember to click over to Tou-Rhett’s for the Menswear stripes edition!

Patricia van der Vliet by RIchard Burbridge in Harper’s Bazaar April 2011

Those Pierre Hardy wedges…. swoon! Want!

Patricia van der Vliet by RIchard Burbridge in Harper’s Bazaar April 2011


Elle Sweden jumps on the Prada stripes cover bandwagon.

theres alexandersson by camilla akrans (fave!) for vogue nippon march 2011


nicely done.

by Alain Delorme (via fortheloveofbikes)



A simple tone-on-tone polka dot mani.


Jil Sander

at left, Prada Spring 2011. 

at right, Proenza Pre-Fall 2011.

Just sayin’. (images via vogue.com)

well gisele certainly looks wholesome (in prada) here. (via FGR)